Mitochondrial Biology&Cellular Metal Ion Homeostasis

What We Do

Mitochondria Electron MicrographMitochondria are cellular organelles that have long been recognized for their essential role in producing ATP, the chemical form of energy required to fuel a diverse range of biochemical reactions within the cell. In the last decade or so, however, additional roles for mitochondria in a myriad of other homeostatic pathways within the cell have been identified (e.g. apoptosis, non-shivering thermogenesis, iron-sulphur cluster biogenesis, cellular copper homeostasis). We are interested in identifying and characterizing the molecular genetic mechanisms that allow mitochondria to make so many varied, and fundamental, contributions to cell biology.

Our research projects

Lab Philosophy

I believe that science can be exciting and fun. My goal is to create a supportive research environment in which trainees have the ability to pursue a research project of interest, and grow as scientists and individuals. I also place a high premium on nurturing trainees in the context of career development and, therefore, career advancement.

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Lab Openings

I welcome email inquiries from highly motivated individuals with a strong desire to purse a career in research, either in an academic or a professional setting. However, at this time, I only have openings for trainees who have been awarded a provincial or national fellowship that offsets a significant portion of their annual stipend.


I am grateful to the National Institute of General Medical Sciences of the National Institutes of Health and the agencies and charities acknowledged below for their prior or on-going support of our research program.

  • CBCF
  • SHRF
  • CIHR
  • Canadian Gene Cure Foundation
  • United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation